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Tim, The owner is the most honest Mechanic you could ever meet. They do not rip off anyone. I have going here at Tuffy's for the last 10 yrs. I moved to Chicago but will still go to Tuffy's in Plainfield, Ill.They are truly honest with there work and back up there work. Must go here if you don't want to get ripped off. VERY VERY HONEST and great group of workers.

— Patty F., Chicago, IL

I live near I-55 and Weber. It's well worth the drive to THIS Tuffy's for me. In the past I have been ripped off at other car repair services with unneeded services and inflated prices so I've done much research. After years of excellent HONEST service I won't go to any other auto service. I highly recommend them.

— Carol C., Plainfield, IL

I recommend this place to everyone I know who is looking for someone to repair their vehicle. This is the only place I trust for any work on my vehicle. Tim and his crew are very honest. This is the only automotive repair shop around that doesn't try to sell you everything under the sun. Fair prices and solid work.

— Michael P., Plainfield, IL

I brought my car in for what I thought was going to be a costly repair. The owner was so honest and helpful, along with Nick (who drove me to work). They both took the time to explain everything with my vehicle and even gave me a discount. They are literally the most honest people I have ever brought my car to. I would recommend them to anyone. I will bring my car here from now on!

— Katie B., Manhattan, IL

We live in Des Plaines and my wife was visiting her mom in Shorewood when she got a flat. I felt helpless when she called me since I was at work up in Lake Zurich. I called a few places around the area and received the run around "Can't help you." or "$100 tow but will take a couple hours." Finally one place referred me to Tuffy's and that was the best thing that could have happened. Talked to a nice guy named Nick and he offered to go put the spare on my wife's car for free! I was like, what's the catch? He said nothing. Up to her if she wants to bring it back to the shop and get a new tire or take it back to your own mechanic. Needless to say I made sure my wife gave him a nice tip and have let my mother-in-law know that is the place to take her car for now on. Great service Tuffy's! Way to show that everyone isn't just out for a buck and you genuinely care about your customers/community. If you take this much care into someone who isn't a local, I can only imagine how great your service is for your customers. Class act!

— Robert L., Des Plaines, IL

Tim was very helpful, I dropped off my van Wednesday afternoon. They diagnosed and repaired in time for me to pick up Friday morning. I've read some of the other reviews, and a lot of people can never be satisfied, it's as if they feel they're time is more important than another person's. A tuneup is scheduled maintenance, and people should plan for as such or do it themselves. Just because of your poor planning why should you be allowed to give a bad review, Tim was even nice enough to give me a ride to my house, after I dropped off my van. I would prefer to go to a shop with a backlog of vehicles, to me that means people are very happy with service they receive. I hope people have enough sense to realise that some people are never happy, and love to complain. Reminds me of an old saying " The squeaky wheel gets the grease"

— Scot B., Plainfield, IL

Of course codoilonatisn is a stupid idea. Management only cares about the bottom line. Look at the rag the Sun-Times has become. It's an abomination with Jenny McCarthy and Old Lady Sneed running the gossip line. I'm ashamed to be part of this cavalier stupidity. We suburbans have tried to maintain some integrity, but that's all for naught with the Sun-Times playing games and trying to force people to quit so they don't have to pay unemployment. Sorry boys, you'll have to fire me. I won't make this easy for you.

— Milton M., kFIZpqpbw5, IL

I have been going to Tuffy since the day it opened. Tim and crew are top notch and know what they are doing. They treat their customers as if they are family and take the time to explain the issues. Great place to get a job well done..

— Patrick J., Cronin, IL

I hate to admit this but, I was fully expecting a $1000 repair because my car had sat for a year and my exhaust was quite rusted and loud. I had looked at the replacement parts online at autozone and what I thought needed to be replaced was $693.00. Nick and Tim didn't even try to sell me what wasn't needed! They told me right off the bat they could just cut out the bad section and replace it with pipe. Guys, I was blown away with their honesty! I am always looking for an honest shop and now I have found one! Thank you Nick and Tim. Btw... my bill was 70.65. I will be back and I will know that I won't be ripped off! This is so great to find a shop that I can trust! So many shops are looking to take advantage and aren't concerned with being honest. You guys are awesome!

— Dave H., Plainfield , IL

I can't say enough good things about my service experience at Tuffy off 59th St. The owner Tim Floss bent over backwards to ensure that I was a satisfied customer. Their skilled technicians fixed my car the first time, when the dealership failed after 3 attempts. I HIGHLY recommend bringing your car here and I know you will have the same service excellence that I received.

— John D., Plainfield, IL

New to the area this shop came recommended. I am always critical on most auto shops as I feel most just want to sell items. I was shocked to feel very comfortable and receive an estimate for things vital to replace. I also appreciated the way they handled the recommended service. I left not feeling pressured and will be back. Thank you Tuffy South Plainfield.

— Daniel S., Plainfield, IL

I stumbled on this Tuffy about 8 years ago through the referral of a friend - and after having had horrible experiences with some local places. We've since been there with six vehicles needing repair from the most simple to the major. Yes, in the beginning I checked on repair prices and made sure we weren't being robbed... when it became clear we were dealing with fair people I stopped doing that. It was absolutely unnecessary - as their prices are very fair and their work is great. I can be difficult... lots of questions and always forgetting to mention something and having to call them to add it to the list. I need A LOT of information to be comfortable. They've always been nothing but professional and patient with me. They are busy - but, that's a sign of a good shop. I've never felt they rushed anything or didn't do a repair exactly as it should have been done. I really appreciate their willingness to tell me what I "could" do now - and what can wait a little while. I drive from New Lenox to this place.... I pass at least ten other repair shops along the way...and I won't go anywhere else because the people at Tuffy are so good at what they do - and I CAN TRUST THEM. The drive is worth it to know we're getting solid repairs at a reasonable cost. Take the time to check them won't be sorry!

— Connie C., Joliet, IL

Tim and the Tuffy team are great. I take all our vehicles here for regular maintenance and repairs. You cannot go wrong..

— Clayton S., Joliet, IL

Tim at Tuffy went beyond the call of duty helping a friend of mine with her car. The work was great, but more importantly his honesty and compassion for her situation made all the difference. If you are looking for a competent mechanic who will treat you with fairly - Tuffy in Plainfield is the only option! Thanks Tim!

— Bill T., joliet, IL

Great service!! Extremely helpful!!

— Jennifer K., Joliet, IL

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