Greeted by a Screech (Loud Noise when Starting Vehicle)

January 16, 2022

No one likes to be greeted in the morning by having someone screech at you. The same goes for a loud, high-pitched noise your vehicle greets you with every time you start the engine. If you're wondering if that's normal, no, it isn't. And it is worth getting checked out. The good news is that... More

3 Winter Windshield Tips (Care of Windshield)

January 9, 2022

Cold weather can present some real challenges when it comes to your vehicle's windshield. Think of it. Your windshield is your window to the world when you're driving, and clear visibility is extraordinarily important for safe travels. So here are 3 tips to ensure that your windshield can do it... More

Procrastination Prevention in Joliet

January 2, 2022

Every one of us has a little procrastinator inside us. Some put off getting our teeth cleaned. Others put off answering our emails. Yet others put off calling friends and family (sorry, Uncle Joe). And there are those of us who put off getting our vehicle's service done, whether it's a repair or ... More

Alternator Facts (Failing Alternator)

January 1, 2022

If you notice that your headlights are flickering at night, that's something to pay attention to. While there could be many different things that could cause that problem, one possibility is your vehicle's alternator. The alternator takes mechanical energy from the engine and turns it into electr... More

Let Tuffy Joliet (South Plainfield) Help You Keep Your Vehicle Another Couple of Years

December 26, 2021

Joliet area residents may remember when the U.S. government's Cash for Clunkers program made a splash on the news scene. People were offered incentives to trade in old vehicles for new, in the interest of better and improved air quality from reduced emissions.But a lot of Joliet drivers want to h... More

Automotive Tips from Tuffy Joliet (South Plainfield): When to Replace Your Wiper Blades

December 19, 2021

There are several important factors that go into how often Joliet drivers should replace their wiper blades. Of course, the more you use your wipers, the faster the blades will wear out especially if you use them on an icy windshield. Whether its a lot of bugs and road grime from Illinois freewa... More

I Can See Clearly Now: Wiper Blade Replacement in Joliet

December 12, 2021

About 90% of our driving decisions in the Joliet area are based solely on what we see. So having a good pair of windshield wipers is extremely important.Most Joliet drivers have experienced the frustration and fear of not being able to see clearly during a storm, or when our vehicle windshield is... More

Tuffy Joliet (South Plainfield) Helps You Decipher the Menu Board: Part 2

December 5, 2021

Illinois service centers have a menu board that lists the services they provide. Some Joliet drivers may not be familiar with all of the items on the board so here is a quick description of some of the typical services that might be listed.Tuffy Joliet (South Plainfield) fuel system cleaning: Ov... More

The Right Stuff (Choosing Replacement Parts)

November 28, 2021

Let's face it. Vehicles are complicated machines, each having thousands of parts. And since they're subjected to heat, cold, vibrations, bumps and much more, these parts wear out and need to be replaced. When your service advisor says you need a new part, you may have many options. Let's say ... More

A Real "Pane" (Window Maintenance and Repair)

November 21, 2021

It's pretty frustrating when your driver's window won't work. You can't get your food at the drive-thru without opening the door, have a tough time using the ATM from your vehicle, can't have that fresh breeze blowing through your hair as you listen to your favorite road tunes. Plus, there's a s... More