The Tuffy Joliet (South Plainfield) Guide to Servicing Your Differential

July 4, 2022

Differential? What's that? And what's it for? I've been told by my service advisor that I need to get it serviced, but is that on the level?Do these questions sound familiar? They're not uncommon for Joliet drivers. A lot of us in Joliet don't know what a differential is or what it's for. Every ... More

A Cool and Smooth Transmission in Joliet

July 3, 2022

When it comes to preventive maintenance on our vehicles, most of us Joliet drivers remember to get our oil changed. But services that occur at longer intervals like transmission service sometimes get overlooked. Yet transmission service is part of car care. A poorly maintained transmission wil... More

I Had No Idea! (Four Things You Didn't Know About Vehicles)

July 3, 2022

Bet you didn't know: Some of the earliest rearview mirrors were marketed as "Cop Spotters" so drivers would know when police were following them. Who wants a ticket, anyway? According to eBay Motors, Elmer Berger first patented a rearview mirror that was mounted on the front fenders, on the spare... More

Breathe Free in Joliet: Cabin Air Filter Replacement at Tuffy Joliet (South Plainfield)

July 2, 2022

There are a lot of new features, both optional and standard, on Joliet drivers' vehicles these days. One you may not have heard of is called a cabin air filter. Simply put, its job is to keep the air in the passenger compartment of your car nice and clean.A cabin air filter is similar to the fil... More

Problems with Suspension Solved at Tuffy Joliet (South Plainfield) in Joliet

July 1, 2022

A vehicle's suspension system is tough. It can last for years and after lots of driving for Joliet drivers. But it can be damaged quickly by hitting a pothole, curb or rock, and it can wear more quickly if you frequently drive off-road or on bumpy roads. A workhorse vehicle one that hauls heavy ... More

Serpentine Belt Service at Tuffy Joliet (South Plainfield) in Joliet

June 30, 2022

Don't you hate it when you hear that squeal from under the hood when you're zipping down a busy Joliet road? It usually means there is a problem with the serpentine belt. The serpentine belt powers a lot of engine accessories. It runs the alternator - which charges the battery; the water pump - w... More

Fuel Saving Tip: Joliet Tune Up

June 29, 2022

Have you ever gone to listen to an orchestra? The musicians take the stage early and tune their instruments. Each individual instrument must be in tune, but the critical thing is for the entire orchestra to be in tune with each other. That's why they tune up together.Now this is no surprise; I'm ... More

Clean Air for Your Engine: Engine Air Filters In Joliet

June 28, 2022

Every Joliet car owner who has taken their car in for an oil change has been told that their engine air filter's dirty. Here's what goes into the determination of when to change the filter: First, your vehicle owner's manual will have a recommendation of when the filter should be replaced. So be... More

Coolant Service at Tuffy Joliet (South Plainfield)

June 27, 2022

Joliet residents' vehicles have to operate in a wide range of Illinois temperatures which requires the engine coolant to be able to perform 'no matter what.' Think for a moment about the environment where the coolant does its thing. Very hot, high pressure, corrosive...And all the while, it has ... More

Coolant/Antifreeze Service at Tuffy Joliet (South Plainfield)

June 26, 2022

Anyone who drives a car in Joliet knows that engines get hot when they run. But did you know that engines need to be cooled to keep running? Heat inside an engine can cause the metal parts to expand, which can seize up an engine and make it stop running. It can even ruin the entire engine! Good ... More